• Town Tours

    Guided tours through various towns along Lake Atitlán's shores.

  • Town Tours

    We are happy to pick you up where you are staying in any town on the shores of Lake Atitlán. Extra cost is simply that of the boat or tuk tuk!

    San Juan la Laguna Town Tour

    An artistic and agricultural community known for its pride in its Maya Tz'utujil roots, colorful artisanal practices, and coffee production.

    We will wind our way through the narrow streets enjoying the vibrant murals that serve as a colorful reminder of the town's Mayan Tz'utujil heritage. We will embrace this public artwork as well as other artisanal practices within the community including chocolate making, jaspe weaving, painting, and more. Our tour will also include visiting with an organic coffee cooperative that has been positively impacting the community for over 40 years.

    *Duration 3 hours in San Juan

    • 1-2 persons: Q275 per person
    • 3-5 persons: Q225 per person
    • 6-8 persons: Q200 per person
    • 9+ persons: Q150 per person

    Santiago Atitlán Town Tour

    The original site of the Maya Tz'utujil people and a town of resistance from the Spanish conquest to the recent Armed Conflict.

    To first-hand see the co-existence of Mayan ideology and Catholicism, we will pay a visit to the sacred Saint Maximón, an icon for various indigenous communities but criticized by the larger Catholic Church. We will also examine the persistence of the Atitecos (from Santiago Atitlán) from the Spanish conquest to the Armed Conflict. Apart from exploring religious syncretism and history, we will be sure to include visits to local artisans, community organizations, and explore various forms of art throughout the town.

    *Duration 3 hours in Santiago

    • 1-2 persons: Q275 per person
    • 3-5 persons: Q225 per person
    • 6-8 persons: Q200 per person
    • 9+ persons: Q150 per person

    San Antonio Palopó Town Tour

    A small Maya Kaqchikel town recognized for its painted ceramic designs and footloom weaving.

    We will begin the tour by understanding the history and founding of the town by visiting the Catholic church, one of the oldest in the region. Next we will appreciate the artwork created in artistic town of San Antonio Palopó by visiting a ceramic workshop to see the elaborate steps up close. To complete the tour, we will get a glimpse at the footloom weaving process.

    *Duration 2 hours in San Antonio

    • 1-2 persons: Q200 per person
    • 3-5 persons: Q175 per person
    • 6-8 persons: Q150 per person 
    • 9+ persons: Q125 per person
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    Once we have confirmed your Atitlán Excursion, we will send instructions to make a 50% non-refundable deposit due within 48 hours upon receiving the instructions. For the remainder of the amount due:

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    2) Pay in cash in quetzales at the start of your excursion


    In the event that you need to cancel your reservation and you already paid the entire amount due prior to your Atitlán Excursion, we will refund 50%.

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