• Trip prices And Planning

  • Trip Pricing

    Immersion Trip Prices

    Prices for Immersion Trips average out to be $116 a day per person for group sizes of 8 and larger. For this price, we guarantee all the services listed in the section from the time you arrive in San Juan la Laguna until the time you depart from San Juan la Laguna. However, as the group becomes larger and/or stays for an extended period of time (beyond 4 days), we can more easily work around your budget needs.

    Coffee Origin Trips, Focus Trips, and Customizing

    Apart from Immersion Trips that are based in San Juan la Laguna, we offer Focus Trips and Coffee Origin Trips. Because these trips include more visits and time outside of the Lake Atitlán region, prices are expected to be about 25% more expensive per day, but final pricing depends on the type of accommodations, food, and transportation the group desires. Please Contact Us to start designing a trip that fits within your group's budget.

    Specific Requests and Budgets

    For groups that have specific requests regarding meals, accommodations, activities, logistics, etc. please Contact Us so that we can begin the conversation regarding your preferred trip dynamic and budget. We also understand that many groups already come with set budgets and we are happy to discuss the possibilities for discounts.

  • What's included

    Trip prices ensure that community members receive a fair compensation for the work they put into creating authentic opportunities for visitors. Here is what is included in the standard price:


    When in Santiago Atitlán and San Juan la Laguna, we provide lodging with local host families with whom we partner. You will stay in a simple home in a private room or sharing with members from your group. Outside of these locations, we provide modest lodging in hostels, hotels, cabins, dorms, and various tourism projects.

    *You can chose to upgrade for accommodations that meet your groups' needs.


    We provide three local meals a day, whether it's a meal with one of the the projects with whom we partner, in a local restaurant in town, or with your host family!

    Logistics & Accompaniment

    We will accompany your group during the entire Immersion Trip, managing the logistics, orientation, payments, translations, group debriefings, etc. along the way.


    All of the activities in the itinerary, from classes and presentations to guides and entrance fees, we have factored that all factored in!

  • The Trip planning process


    Reach Out To Us

    Please Contact Us to request more information about one or multiple trip and program options:

    -Bean to Brew Immersion Trip

    -People of the Corn Immersion Trip

    -Atitlán Artisanry Immersion Trip

    -Madre Tierra Immersion Trip

    -Coffee Origin Trip

    -Depths of Division Focus Trip

    -Syncretism of Traditions Focus Trip

    -"Storming the Wall" Focus Trip


    *Once we receive your message, we'll be in touch within 2 business days.


    Initial Information

    Based on the trip you selected, we will send you more detailed information regarding the itinerary, pricing, so that we can being customizing aspects of the trip to fit your group. We will also request some information from you as well to get to know your group, time and budget available, and objectives while in Guatemala. This will help both of us feel more informed and prepared for Step 3.


    Online Meeting

    Let's put a face to the name! Whereas this meeting may not be in person, it's an important step for us to get to know each other and review all the information shared up to this point. Plus, we want to make sure you have the opportunity to ask questions and decide if Authenticity Travel is the right fit for your group.


    Follow Up Materials

    Step 3 is bound to pose a lot of questions, but hopefully clarify many as well. Remaining agenda items and lingering questions will be addressed in this Step 4 when we send you follow-up materials including the final itinerary, budget, and payment plan. Follow up meetings to review, tweak, and negotiate trip information are scheduled as needed to lead us to Step 5.



    In this step, we will confirm dates, the final itinerary, review the financial agreement, and create a preparation plan that will lead up to the moment your trip with Authenticity Travel begins!

  • Want More Information?

    Please send us a message or email us directly at info@atguatemala.org

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