• People of the Corn

    An interactive experience to uncover the history of the Maya Tz'utujil people and learn how they preserve their culture.

  • Trip outline

    Day 1

    We will begin the day learning about the role that coffee has played in the community, which is the first step of getting to know the Maya Tz'utujil town of San Juan la Laguna. Afterwards, we will examine the creation story in the Popul Vuh, which will give us context and reference for when we return to town how the Maya cosmovision is represented in the murals that color the streets of San Juan la Laguna.

    Day 2

    We will take a short hike to a ceremonial site and participate in a Mayan ceremony. Later on, we will visit a family and their small art gallery to learn about how Mayan Tz'utujil legends are told through their artwork. We will then learn some painting techniques and create a small piece of artwork ourselves!

    Day 3

    We will start our day on the water, crossing the lake basin to arrive in Santiago Atitlán, the original site of the Tz’utujiles. There, we will learn about the history of the town and see examples of syncretism of Catholicism and Mayan Tz'utujil spirituality. Additionally we will make stops to appreciate (and make!) some of the artisan goods as well as learn a little more about the history of the Armed Conflict.

    Day 4

    On our last day, we will venture into the mountains that surround San Juan la Laguna to visit a sacred Maya Tz'utujil site and learn about the legend that this historical location holds. We will then end our day with a closing activity.

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