• Atitlán Excursions

    A variety of day options to help you design your visit to Lake Atitlán.

  • Atitlán Excursions

    We offer three different options to maximize your exploration. Pick one, two, or all three options!


    *Atitlán Excursions offered in Spanish or English

    Town Tours

    Town Tours give you a taste of all of the elements that make that town distinct. As we walk through the town, we explain its history and cultural richness while various stops along the way to better understand the community. Some of those stops can be lengthened by adding Activities and Workshops.


    *ranging from 2-4 hours, not including transportation time

    Activities & Workshops 

    Our Cultural Activities are incredibly interactive and truly encapsulate the Authenticity vision, giving you an authentic experience and directly connects you with the local community. Cultural Activities can easily be integrated into your Town Tour or a stand alone option. As you wish!


    *ranging from 1-3 hours, not including transportation time

    Nature Treks

    Our Nature Treks help get you off the beaten path and totally surrounded by the nature and serenity of Lake Atitlán. Whether you decide to want to climb to get the best views of the lake, discover some of the best spots for birding, or hike into the woods to visit hidden waterfalls, we help you truly experience the beauty of this region.


    *ranging from 2-5 hours

  • Reservations and cancellations


    Once we have confirmed your Atitlán Excursion, we will send instructions to make a 50% non-refundable deposit due within 48 hours upon receiving the instructions. For the remainder of the amount due:

    1) Pay online prior to the start time of your tour, trek, or activity

    2) Pay in cash in quetzales at the start of your excursion


    In the event that you need to cancel your reservation and you already paid the entire amount due prior to your Atitlán Excursion, we will refund 50%.

    Online Payments & Deposits

    Online payments are made in US Dollars using a 7.3 exchange rate.

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