• Coffee Origin trip

    See how coffee is produced and shake the hands of those who harvested it.

  • Imagine Your origin trip experience

    Visit Coffee Fields

    Meet the Coffee Producers

    Experience the Local Culture

    Visit a Coffee Roaster

    Embrace in the Beauty

    Coffee Tastings

  • tRIP oUTLINE: Coffee Origin Trip

    Trip focus: Coffee and culture

    Best for: Coffee shops, wholesale buyers, conscientious coffee-drinkers, coffee professionals

    Time frame: Designed to be 6-10 days long but could be shortened or lengthened depending on the group's and availability and topics of interest.

    Trip style: Interactive

    Location: Lake Atitlán, Antigua Guatemala, and Guatemala City


    See the trip outline below, which chronicles the order of activities and topics covered, but is ready to be customized to your group!

    Introduction to Coffee in Guatemala

    Understanding the history of coffee in Guatemala and how it became a coffee-exporting country (Guatemala City or Antigua, 1-2 days)

    -Introductions and trip orientation

    -Presentation: The History of Coffee in Guatemala

    Embracing the Atitlán Coffee Community

    Visiting the coffee-growing communities in the Lake Atitlán basin and experiencing the culture and people in each town (Lake Atitlán, 3-5 days)

    -Visit various coffee cooperatives/organizations of the Atitlán Ecological Coffee Route to understand the importance of coffee in each community

    -Coffee Tours

    -Coffee-tasting opportunities at various locations

    -Conference: Organic Practices in Coffee-Farming

    -Short hike in the coffee fields

    -Artisanal coffee-making class

    -Forum with Cooperative La Voz; understanding the history of coffee in the Lake Atitlán basin

    Experiencing the Local Culture in Coffee-Growing Communities

    Experiencing the Maya Tz'utujil culture and the other trades that sustain these coffee-growing communities (Lake Atitlán, 1-2 days)

    -Visits and workshop options include a leather workshop, jaspe weaving demonstration, cooking class, beading workshop, painting class, etc.

    -Mural Tour: Seeing how culture is preserved through art

    -Mayan ceremony

    -Presentation: People of the Corn--exploring the creation story in the Popol Vuh, the Mayan sacred text ​

    -Explore the history of the Armed Conflict

    Closing & Debriefing

    Recapping our experiences and enjoy Guatemala (Antigua and/or Guatemala City, 1-3 days or more depending on the region visited)

    -Presentation: The Future of Coffee in Guatemala

    -Final debriefing and reflection

    -Sensory class in Antigua Guatemala

    -Visit and workshops with local roaster
    -Coffee-tasting class with a coffee shop in Guatemala City

    -Optional educational or recreational visit to another region of Guatemala--we're happy to help plan this part for you or get you there!

    Additional Potential Visits

    -Visit to coffee plantation to experience large-scale production (Antigua)

    -Visit to Alta Verapaz to learn more about the history of coffee in Guatemala and the rise of the coffee-industry in the 1800s (Alta Verapaz)

    -Visit with ex-guerilla community redefined as coffee farmers following the Armed Conflict (Department of Quetzaltenango)

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