• Atitlán Artisanry

    A sensory experience to truly appreciate the artisanry, detail, and traditions of the Maya Tz'utujil culture.

  • Trip outline

    Day 1

    To truly appreciate the coffee we drink, we will tour the coffee fields and the processing area at Cooperative La Voz to see all the work behind brewing a cup of 100% organic coffee which we will enjoy in their cafe. Afterwards we will visit with a local art gallery to see how Maya Tz´utujil culture is conveyed in paintings and take a class with a local artist.

    Day 2

    We will continue our journey of appreciating artistic expression in San Juan la Laguna by beginning the day visiting with a family to see the jaspe weaving process and how they are able to create intricate designs and patterns through the dying and weaving process. We will then roll up our sleeves to prepare our own lunch in a cooking class. We'll finish the day visiting with a local leather artisan who will teach us how to make our own product by hand.

    Day 3

    We will visit Santiago Atitlán where we will be hosted by ANADESA (New Dawn Association of Santiago Atitlán), a local association with education projects and women's empowerment initiatives. They will facilitate a beading workshop and teach us about this artwork that is distinct to the town of Santiago. To ensure that we understand the place we're visiting and its people, we will take a moment to let the women from ANADESA give us a tour of the Peace Park, the site commemorating the massacre of 1990 that was a pivotal moment during the Armed Conflict. Our day will end with a final reflection and closing activity.

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