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    Lake Atitlán in Guatemala is saturated with conventional tourism. Even though this industry provides a welcomed economic alternative for receiving communities, it often comes with the risk of diluting the local culture. Tourism done right can be both a tool to economically benefit a community and preserve its culture, which is precisely the type of tourism that the Authenticity Travel network promotes. We are a social enterprise that creates authentic travel experiences, ensuring that the receiving community facilitates and benefits from those experiences. When you choose to travel with us, you are choosing authenticity and empowerment. Authenticity for the traveler, and empowerment for the receiving community.

  • Authenticity Travel Services

    Immersion Trips

    Multi-day themed immersive experiences for groups based in San Juan la Laguna

    Immersion Trips are best suited for groups looking for an authentic, immersive experience while at Lake Atitlán. Our Immersion Trip packages allow your group to engage and interact with local communities at Lake Atitlán.

    Focus Trips

    Multi-day trips allowing groups to delve into social issues in Guatemala

    Focus trips are best suited for educational programs, universities, experiential learning groups, NGO's, or professional groups working in fields that correspond to Focus Trip topics. Whereas these trips are similar to Immersion Trips, they have an added layer of academia, reflection, and analysis of the socio-political context of Guatemala.

    Coffee Origin Trips

    Multi-day trips for groups seeking to experience the coffee culture of Guatemala

    Coffee Origin Trips are designed for coffee professionals and conscientious coffee consumers. This trip will explore, of course, coffee, as well connect participants with the communities in which it is grown and harvested.

    Atitlán Excursions

    Short activities, treks, and tours for solo travelers and groups who want to design a day of exploration at Lake Atitlán

    Our excursions are perfect for those with only a few hours or a day to spare and planning with less advance ranging from quick visits to full day outings.

  • immersion trips

    Multi-day immersive and authentic travel experiences based in San Juan la Laguna. Immersion Trips are implemented as part of Project Authentic, a partnership with Cooperative La Voz. Check out the Project Authentic video to learn more!

  • Coffee Origin Trips

    Multi-day trips for groups seeking to experience coffee culture of Guatemala

  • Atitlán Excursions

    Short activities, treks, and tours to help you design your own adventure at Lake Atitlán

  • Focus Trips

    We have the theme and the blueprint for each of these Focus Trips that are ready to be customized to your group!

    The Depths of Division

    The Depths of Division Focus Trip is a sociological exploration of the indigenous-Ladino dichotomy in Guatemala. Our travel experiences will equip us to analyze the coexistence and clashes among these two groups.

    Syncretism of Traditions

    The Syncretism of Traditions Focus Trip is an enlightening experience with Maya Tz'utujil communities, revealing ways in which this population has preserved Mayan spirituality since the Spanish Conquest to present day.

    "Storming the Wall"

    The "Storming the Wall" Focus Trip is an educational and interactive journey throughout the Western Highlands of Guatemala to explore and discuss topics of the climate crisis, forced migration, displacement, and border militarization.

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